Why I open a beer everyday at 1:30

“Why bother if you aren’t going to drink it?”
“You are just letting it get warm.”
“You shouldn’t be having a beer everyday in the first place and at 1?”

I was 6 months pregnant at 21 and a stay at home mom ever since. Opening a beer everyday at a time that people never admit to is a little rebellion that I can afford. It’s the same reason I fluff the couch pillows before I leave the room and always make my bed. Control.

People are afraid of that word. No one wants to be controlled or be controlling. If someone describes themselves as thus even I picture the worst automatically. But feeling control of yourself and your surroundings is a stabilizing feeling. A grounded feeling at least for me.

“Because I can” sounds so selfish. But is it wrong? If I do everything society expects of me everyday is it wrong that I have a rebellion that affects no one? I don’t think so.

I just love to look over while rocking my sleeping son in my husband’s recliner with my foot and see that sweating bottle of victory. The golden glass that I would go out of my way to hide if someone knocked on the door. Giggling inside like I got away with something right before my parents got home.

My two hooligans are asleep and the beer on the coffee table is proof that I have won this round of the day. It’s beautifully human to me.

Here’s to my room temperature beer.

Side note:
Did you ever notice that a lot of women are judgemental of beer drinkers? Oh let them have their wine bottles painted on reclaimed wood all through the house, “It’s a theme!” I had no idea you could have a wine themed kitchen until I saw one.  Then two. Then three. Wine is acceptable but beer is for drunks and lazy husbands? *heavy sigh*